STEM Games

Colorful wooden building planks in shades of purpleKeva Color Pops: Purple
For ages 6+
Single player
Build simple or elaborate structures, sculptures and contraptions simply by stacking the planks. No glue. No connectors.



Colorful math board game Prime Climb
For ages 10+
2-4 players
Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the center of the board, picking up Prime cards and bumping your opponents back to start as you go.



Magnetic building rods and balls for toddlersSmartmax Magnetic Discovery
For ages 3+
1-2 players
Features colorful oversize bars and metal balls for a super fun introduction to STEM concepts for young kids.


Wooden stick stacking game Staxis
For ages 6+
2-6 players
Roll a die to stack your sticks without causing a crash!



Card game with polka dot cardsTiny Polka Dot  
For ages 3 - 8+
1-6 players
Sixteen easy-to-learn games that playfully teach math, from counting & early numeracy to arithmetic & logic.