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How do you use QR codes?

QR means quick response code. QR codes can be a great way to quickly access information. Now that you know what QR codes are, your next question is likely, “How do I scan a QR code with my phone?” Despite how complex QR codes may look, scanning them is really easy! 

If you use an iPhone running iOS 11 or later, simply open your camera app and point it at the code. Once your camera recognizes the QR code, a notification will pop up that features a link. Tap on this link and your phone will direct you to the proper website.

If you’re an Android user whose operating system is Android 9 or later, it’s the same process—just open your camera and point it at the QR code. Make sure to hold your phone steady so your camera can recognize it! Once it does, a notification will show up that links you to the correct website.

If your phone isn’t updated to the specified operating systems, you need to download a QR code reader app. They can be found in the Apple App Store or the Google Play shop, depending on what type of phone you have. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s the same process: point your phone camera at the code and wait.

If your phone or other smart device has trouble picking up the QR codes on your screen, you can click the PDF version below and zoom in on the code you wish to scan for easier access. You can also scan QR codes on printed documents as well. Happy scanning!