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Please read through all of the entries listed below, then cast your vote(s) when you are ready by clicking HERE.  Voting period ends August 1st!


Voting period has ended. Please feel free to read (or re-read!) any of the fabulous entries!

Thank you to all the participants for their wonderful entries and thank you to all the voters for your participation in the WCPL Summer Reading Club 2021 Writing Contest! 



Short Story [Children] Entries



Title:  The Two Strange Cupcakes

Author’s Name:  Evelina Stanford

Entry: Read The Two Strange Cupcakes Here


Title:  The Snakes That Bake

Author’s Name:  Cason Cardinal

Entry: Read The Snakes That Bake Here


Title:  The Cat Travels to Space

Author’s Name:  Calon Cardinal

Entry: Read The Cat Travels to Space Here


Title:  A Saturday Afternoon (June 26th Fixing Story)

Author’s Name:  Lucas Rice

Entry: Read A Saturday Afternoon (June 26th Fixing Story) Here


Title:  Mystery Paw Print

Author’s Name:  Lydia Falk

Entry: Read Mystery Paw Print Here


Title:  The Adventures of Cactus Cam: The New Friend

Author’s Name:  Cameron Cronick

Entry: Read The Adventures of Cactus Cam: The New Friend Here


Title:  Wyatt the Farmer

Author’s Name:  Caroline Raber

Entry: Read Wyatt the Farmer Here


Title:  The Superhero Team

Author’s Name:  Julian Workman

Entry: Read The Superhero Team Here


Title:  The Princess Prisoner

Author’s Name:  Willow Workman

Entry: Read The Princess Prisoner Here


Title:  100 Baby's 

Author’s Name:  Felix Thaneal Sommers

Entry: Read 100 Baby's  Here



Poetry [Children] Entries



Title:  John’s Poem Collection

Author’s Name:  John Finney

Entry: Read John’s Poem Collection Here


Title:  There Was A Frog

Author’s Name:  Lucas Rice

Entry: Read There Was A Frog Here



Comic [Children] Entries



Title:  Mountain Wolf

Author’s Name:  Andrew Jeon

Entry: Read Mountain Wolf  Here 



Short Story [Children] Entries



Title:  The Story of Monster

Author’s Name:  Timothy D. Cotner

Entry: Read The Story of Monster Here


Title:  Ellen and Jane

Author’s Name:  Lucy Ann Sommers

Entry: Read Ellen and Jane Here


Title:  Animal Kingdom

Author’s Name:  Tessa Underwood

Entry: Read Animal Kingdom Here


Title:  The Best Thing Happened

Author’s Name:  Clara Wolf

Entry: Read The Best Thing Happened Here


Title:  The Missing Spellbook

Author’s Name:  Anabelle Studer

Entry: Read The Missing Spellbook Here


Title:  The Mystical Surfboard

Author’s Name:  Sienna Studer

Entry: Read The Mystical Surfboard Here


Title:  Kids in Camp

Author’s Name:  Clara Cardinal

Entry: Read Kids in Camp Here


Title:  The Fairies and the Old Lady

Author’s Name:  Addison Arner

Entry: Read The Fairies and the Old Lady Here


Title:  The Magical Birthmark

Author’s Name:  Rylen Falk

Entry: Read The Magical Birthmark Here


Title:  The Mermaid and the Unicorn

Author’s Name:  Aria Lash

Entry: Read The Mermaid and the Unicorn Here


Title:  The Minister of Spots

Author’s Name:  Torryn Davis

Entry: Read The Minister of Spots Spots Here


Title:  Summer Camp Surprise

Author’s Name:  Emma G. Fogle

Entry: Read Summer Camp Surprise Here


Title:  The Pizza Crook

Author’s Name:  Hazel Dyer

Entry: Read The Pizza Crook Here


Title:  The Strangest Day

Author’s Name:  Clayton D. Reinmann

Entry: Read The Strangest Day Here


Title:  The Minions of the Zombie Apocalypse

Author’s Name:  Cullen Schmolt

Entry: Read The Minions of the Zombie Apocalypse Here


Title:  The First Week at a New School

Author’s Name:  Isabella Swank

Entry: Read The First Week at a New School Here


Title:  Field Day

Author’s Name:  Tyler Mark

Entry: Read Field Day Here


Title:  The Grood

Author’s Name:  Lucy Collier

Entry: Read The Grood Here


Title:  The Typewriter

Author’s Name:  Ellie Burge

Entry: Read The Typewriter Here


Title:  How Do You Think Eggs Feel?

Author’s Name:  Kaylee Zimmerly

Entry: Read How Do You Think Eggs Feel? Here


Title:  The Shy Girl

Author’s Name:  Brooklen Bateman

Entry: Read The Shy Girl Here


Title:  Wildlife Rescue

Author’s Name:  Jillian Luecke

Entry: Read Wildlife Rescue Here


Title:  The Babysitter

Author’s Name:  Emma Kirkhart

Entry: Read The Babysit Here


Title:  Lost in the Dark

Author’s Name:  Mila Pinkus

Entry: Read Lost in the Dark Here


Title:  The Chase for Susie

Author’s Name:  Toby Steiner

Entry: Read The Chase for Susie Here


Title:  Lost on the Beach

Author’s Name:  Kendall Stoller

Entry: Read Lost on the Beach Here


Title:  The Tosue's Family Vacation

Author’s Name:  Hunter Trinidad

Entry: Read The Tosue's Family Vacation Here


Title:  Swim Problems

Author’s Name:  Mason Ullman

Entry: Read Swim Problems Here


Title:  Kelsey and the Mystical Land

Author’s Name:  Sofia Wagler

Entry: Read Kelsey and the Mystical Land Here


Title:  The Lost Girls

Author’s Name:  Katie Weis

Entry: Read The Lost Girls Here


Title:  Summer Vacation

Author’s Name:  Jensen Williams

Entry: Read Summer Vacation Here


Title:  Platypus' First Day of School

Author’s Name:  Zach Yeager

Entry: Read Platypus' First Day of School Here


Title:  The Sports Switch

Author’s Name:  Isaiah Zollinger

Entry: Read The Sports Switch Here


Title:  Chancey's Story

Author’s Name:  Akari Deeter Roehrich

Entry: Read Chancey's Story Here


Title:  A Way to get a Fish and a Parrot

Author’s Name:  Emma Bornstine

Entry: Read A Way to get a Fish and a Parrot Here


Title:  Back to the Past

Author’s Name:  Sara Blaz

Entry: Read Back to the Past Here


Title:  Being Independent 

Author’s Name:  Chloe Patterson

Entry: Read Being Independent Here


Title:  The Missing Birthday

Author’s Name: Alivia Miller

Entry: Read The Missing Birthday Here


Title:  The Dragon War

Author’s Name:  Ryan Riffle

Entry: Read The Dragon War Here


Title:  Twin Trouble

Author’s Name:  Ralynn Bontempt

Entry: Read Twin Trouble Here


Title:  The Amazing Day

Author’s Name:  Abby Cox

Entry: Read The Amazing Day Here


Title:  The Game

Author’s Name:  Noah Lance

Entry: Read The Game Here


Title:  Brothers

Author’s Name:  Landon Shoemaker

Entry: Read Brothers Here


Title:  The Mysterious Journey

Author’s Name:  Damian R. Mullett

Entry: Read The Mysterious Journey Here


Title:  The Missing Teacher

Author’s Name:  Emmett Grimshaw

Entry: Read The Missing Teacher Here


Title:  Aker's Journey

Author’s Name:  Olivia Bucher

Entry: Read Aker's Journey Here


Title:  Home Alone

Author’s Name:  Abigail H.

Entry: Read Home Alone Here


Title:  Vacation

Author’s Name:  Maryn West

Entry: Read Vacation Here


Title:  Why Not to Write a Book

Author’s Name:  Mason Chaffin

Entry: Read Why Not to Write a Book Here


Title:  The Mystery

Author’s Name:  Kylie Conrad

Entry: Read The Mystery Here


Title:  The Missing Monkey

Author’s Name:  Evie Scritchfield

Entry: Read The Missing Monkey Here


Title:  The Storm

Author’s Name:  Cale McNab

Entry: Read The Storm Here


Title:  Crazy Camp

Author’s Name:  Aubrey Meholick

Entry: Read Crazy Camp Here


Title:  Madison's Bad Day

Author’s Name:  Adalyn Woodruff

Entry: Read Madison's Bad Day Here


Title:  Train Karts Lost

Author’s Name:  Quinn Jablon

Entry: Read Train Karts Lost Here


Title:  Clyde and Slider's Journey to Jail

Author’s Name:  Mikaela Hegwood

Entry: Read Clyde and Slider's Journey to Jail Here


Title:  The Triplets

Author’s Name:  Sierra Gerbetz

Entry: Read The Triplets Here


Title:  The Dancing Pineapple

Author’s Name:  Adriana Akers

Entry: Read The Dancing Pineapple Here


Title:  The Minion and the Puppy vs The Wolves

Author’s Name:  Jackson Williams

Entry: The Minion and the Puppy vs The Wolves Here


Title:  The Princess Soccer Game

Author’s Name:  Amaya Workman

Entry: Read The Princess Soccer Game Here


Title:  The Softball Fear

Author’s Name:  Andi Johnson

Entry: Read The Softball Fear Here


Title:  Field Day

Author’s Name:  Caiden Gould

Entry: Read Field Day Here


Title:  The Triplets with the Chicken Nuggets

Author’s Name:  Alyssa Wiles

Entry: Read The Triplets with the Chicken Nuggets Here


Title:  How the Future Came to Be

Author’s Name:  Lydia Wertz

Entry: Read How the Future Came to Be Here


Title:  The Deadly Evil Chicken

Author’s Name:  Lance Underation

Entry: Read The Deadly Evil Chicken Here


Title:  The Vacation Disaster

Author’s Name:  Isabella LaMonica

Entry: Read The Vacation Disaster Here


Title:  The Bear Cub

Author’s Name:  David King

Entry: Read The Bear King Here


Title:  The Disney Robbery

Author’s Name:  Griffin Hershberger

Entry: Read The Disney Robbery Here


Title:  The Motorcycle Accident

Author’s Name:  Jude Johnsen

Entry: Read The Motorcycle Accident Here


Title:  The Turtle Race

Author’s Name:  Mason Caron

Entry: Read The Turtle Race Here


Title:  The Fishing Trip

Author’s Name:  Lincoln Ludwig

Entry: Read The Fishing Trip Here


Title:  One Good Vacation

Author’s Name:  Jonas Radebaugh

Entry: Read One Good Vacation Here


Title:  Candy Spree

Author’s Name:  Kamden Pamer

Entry: Read Candy Spree Here


Title:  Mystery Disney

Author’s Name:  Andie Atkinson

Entry: Read Mystery Disney Here



Poetry [Children] Entries



Title:  The Light in the Storm

Author’s Name:  Liliana Struder

Entry: Read The Light in the Storm Here


Title:  Winter

Author’s Name:  Lila Rice (Bonny C.R.)

Entry: Read Winter Here



Comic [Children] Entries



Title:  Mooise and Daisy

Author’s Name:  Didi Bailey

Entry: Read Mooise and Daisy Here


Title:  Mango and Pineapple: The Grand Play Date

Author’s Name:  Elena Strasbaugh, with illustrations by Riley Troyer 

Entry: Read Mango and Pineapple: The Grand Play Date Here


Title:  Harold Stickmin

Author’s Name:  Malachi Slabaugh

Entry: Read Harold Stickmin Here


Title:  A Spider's Life

Author’s Name:  Eleanor Hutchison

Entry: Read A Spider's Life Here



Short Story [Children] Entries



Title:  The Evil and The Good

Author’s Name:  Claire J.

Entry: Read The Evil and the Good Here


Title:  Isaac:  From Dark to Dawn

Author’s Name:  Andrew R. Fogle

Entry: Read Isaac:  From Dark to Dawn Here


Title:  Beyond the Mountains

Author’s Name:  Isabelle Rohrer

Entry: Read Beyond the Mountains Here


Title:  The Staycation Situation

Author’s Name:  Ruthie Finney

Entry: Read The Staycation Situation Here


Title:  Walled

Author’s Name:  Emma Altman

Entry: Read Walled Here


Title:  The New Horses and Goats

Author’s Name:  Lila Rice

Entry: Read The New Horses and Goats Here


Title:  Hansel the Criminal and Gretel the Presumptuous

Author’s Name:  Madeline Hochstetler 

Entry: Read Hansel the Criminal and Gretel the Presumptuous Here


Title:  Camp Cool Kids

Author’s Name:  Cadence Cardinal

Entry: Read Camp Cool Kids Here


Title:  Kylie Ann and the Jellyfish

Author’s Name:  Demi Nicole Sommers

Entry: Read Kylie Ann and the Jellyfish Here


Title:  The Great Family Camping Trip

Author’s Name:  Ellie Plessinger

Entry: Read The Great Family Camping Trip Here



Poetry [Children] Entries



Title:  Creation

Author’s Name:  Demi Nicole Sommers

Entry: Read Creation Here


Title:  Writing

Author’s Name:  Madeline Hochstetler

Entry: Read Writing Here



Title:  Dreams

Author’s Name:  Kennedy Good

Entry: Read Dreams Here


Title:  Running

Author’s Name:  Eva Hummel

Entry: Read Running Here



Comic [Children] Entries



Title:  Coma

Author’s Name:  Charly Bridges

Entry: Read Coma Here



Short Story [Teen] Entries


Title:  The Dragon Queen

Author’s Name:  Anna Condo (Annabelle Minium)

Entry: Read The Dragon Queen Here


Title:  King Jack of Timber Rock

Author’s Name:  Katie Snider

Entry: Read King Jack of Timber Rock Here


Title:  Losing All Types of Faith

Author’s Name:  Abigail Hassenzahl

Entry: Read Losing All Types of Faith Here


Title:  The Magic Gnome

Author’s Name:  Adeline Thorn

Entry: Read The Magic Gnome Here


Title:  Hot Pink Bunny Slippers

Author’s Name:  Adeline Aubrey

Entry: Read Hot Pink Bunny Slippers Here


Title:  Sanity

Author’s Name:  Janelle Poirier

Entry: Read Sanity Here


Title:  The World Ablaze

Author’s Name:  Addison Good

Entry: Read The World Ablaze Here



Poetry [Teen] Entries


Title:  Eternal

Author’s Name:  Anna Condo (Annabelle Minium)

Entry: Read Eternal Here


Title:  The Story of a Misunderstood Artist

Author’s Name:  Kaci Miller

Entry: Read The Story of a Misunderstood Artist Here


Title:  Wolf Pack

Author’s Name:  Abigail Hassenzahl

Entry: Read Wolf Pack Here


Title:  Bathroom Monsters

Author’s Name:  Adeline Thorn

Entry: Read Bathroom Monsters Here


Title:  Dear Great-Grandma

Author’s Name:  Mallory Good

Entry: Read Dear Great-Grandma Here


Title:  Mushroom in the Woods

Author’s Name:  Brett U.

Entry: Read Mushroom in the Woods Here



Memoir [Teen] Entries


Title:  Corban

Author’s Name:  Abigail Hassenzahl

Entry: Read Corban Here



Short Story [Adult] Entries


Title:  Creek Heavy and Paddle Light

Author’s Name:  Scott Mason

Entry: Read Creek Heavy and Paddle Light Here


Title:  Raspberries

Author’s Name:  Hailey Schlegel

Entry: Read Raspberries Here


Title:  Even Honored Teachers Need to Sleep

Author’s Name:  Philip Morris

Entry: Read Even Honored Teachers Need to Sleep Here


Title:  The Woodland Adventures of Matilda B., a Mesmerizing Muskrat Friend: Magical Woodland Friends

Author’s Name:  Linda Gessel

Entry: Read The Woodland Adventures of Matilda B. Here


Title:  Small-Scale Wildlife Adventures

Author’s Name:  Roberta Angerman

Entry: Read Small-Scale Wildlife Adventures Here


Title:  Bookends

Author’s Name:  Jenny Smith

Entry: Read Bookends Here


Title:  Beneath the Courthouse

Author’s Name:  Dottie Sines

Entry: Read Beneath the Courthouse Here


Title:  Witch Hazel

Author’s Name:  Chrissy Hartman

Entry: Read Witch Hazel Here


Title:  The Date

Author’s Name:  Hannah Mabry

Entry: Read The Date Here



Poetry [Adult] Entries


Title:  Inspiration

Author’s Name:  Roberta Angerman

Entry: Read Inspiration Here


Title:  Three Months of Grief

Author’s Name:  Hailey Schlegel

Entry: Read Three Months of Grief Here


Title:  Breathing Brave

Author’s Name:  Scott Mason

Entry: Read Breathing Brave Here



Memoir [Adult] Entries


Title:  Black Sky Mid Afternoon

Author’s Name:  Chrissy Hartmann

Entry: Read Black Sky Mid Afternoon Here


Title:  Crossword Puzzle

Author’s Name:  Rosanne Burger

Entry: Read Crossword Puzzle Here

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