Mission Statement

“To so enrich the lives of people that the quality of life in Wayne County is improved.”

The Wayne County Public Library trustees, staff, and administration place these beliefs and values at the foundation of the library’s mission:

  • Every individual has the right to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction, thereby enabling our citizenry to be effective members of a democratic society.
  • The library believes in the importance of life long learning and supports efforts to ensure that every member of our community can read.
  • Children are a valued asset of our community. The library provides services and materials developed especially for children and for those who love, care for, and educate them.
  • Parents have the right and the responsibility to monitor what their minor children may read, view, listen to, and borrow from the library.
  • Library patrons deserve excellent customer service. A welcoming, positive attitude paired with courtesy, competence, and knowledge are the best ways to satisfy our customers.
  • The library recognizes the community’s diversity and provides service to all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, education level, economic status, political, religious, or ideological persuasion, or any other condition.
  • All members of the WayneCounty community can and should benefit from library services. We strive to offer library services via locations and programs that provide the greatest benefit to the largest number of people.
  • Library facilities should be inviting, accessible, well maintained and easy to use for both patrons and employees.
  • The library accepts responsibly for providing services to patrons with special needs and accommodates their needs through compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and through the provision of outreach services.
  • Communication with employers and patrons is important. The library will communicate with staff and patrons through an active public information program.
  • The library values the safety and security of library patrons and staff and endeavors to provide an environment that is free from physical hazard.
  • The library values employees. We strive to hire the best, offer competitive pay, provide needed training and useful continuing education, and recognize excellence. We believe in listening to library employees- they are the heard of the library.
  • A cooperative and collaborative environment is essential for the library to succeeded. Employees treat each other with respect and value each other’s contributions regardless of individual differences or position in the organization.
  • The library believes in demonstrating fiscal responsibility and accountability by collecting, investing, and expending money wisely. We believe that cost-effective spending and quality can go hand in hand.
  • The library’s collection should be balanced, up to date, and representative of the diversity of our community and its needs.
  • The library values the role that technology can play in expanding the horizons of our community. Technology will be used in tandem with the traditional library materials and services in order to provide the highest quality of library service.
  • The library actively seeks to establish partnerships with community organizations and agencies. We look for ways to avoid duplication of services and to participate in collaborative efforts that will improve the quality of live in WayneCounty.

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