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Applicants 18 years of age or older must present identification with a current mailing address, such as a driver’s license, checkbook, school identification, utility bill, cancelled check or a postcard or envelope postmarked within the last 6 weeks, and received at the given address.


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As a library card holder: I agree to observe all rules established by the library and will be responsible for all materials borrowed on this card. I also agree to pay fines or other charges imposed for the late return, mutilation, or loss of library materials borrowed on this card. I will update my name, address, and telephone number whenever they change.

For a parent or Guardian of a Minor: I assume financial responsibility for materials borrowed by my child on this card. I understand that this card enables my child, under age 18, to borrow books, compact discs, audio cassettes, and magazines from the library without restrictions. I realize that the responsibility for guiding the child in selection and use of the materials belongs to me and is not the responsibility of the Wayne County Public Library.


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