Computer Training

Computer Training

research 1-on-1 Customized Computer training: 1-on-1, 30-minute personal computer training sessions. Each class will be tailored to what the individual’s needs are. All classes taught at the library are basic, allowing the participant to build upon what was learned. Registration is required. Subject to availability.

Call the Adult Service Desk at 330-804-4666 to schedule an appointment.

Computers — The Very Basics

Handouts and Tutorials

Introduction to Computers | Windows
Learn about the different types of PCs.

Parts of the Computer | Microsoft
An introduction to the names and terminology used to describe the parts of a computer.

More definitions of computer and Internet terms.

Basic Computer Maintenance
A brief how-to guide on cleaning your PC of malware, viruses, and general maintenance.

Video Game Design Software

Additional Resources

Keyboard & Mouse Skills
This is for anyone who would like to improve their keyboarding skills. Beginners and advanced computer users will benefit from the keyboarding practice and online Words per Minute assessments. Type faster and more accurately with practice. If you need further assistance please ask for a one-on-one session.

Peter’s Online Typing Course
Free online typing lessons and typing exercises for beginning typists, and frustrated hunt-and-peckers who want to move from four-finger typing to full-blown touch typing. | Keyboard Tutorial & Typing Test
Tutorial to practice your typing.

Typing Web
Free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. TypingWeb includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification. This site is for the absolute beginner. Learn what the mouse is and what you use the mouse for.

Mouserobics | Palm Beach County District Library
One of the most popular training involving the mouse can be found at the Palm Beach County Library. This mouse tutorial is one of the best.

Operating Systems
The operating system is software that controls the operation of a computer and directs the processing of programs (as by assigning storage space in memory and controlling input and output functions).

How Stuff Works: Operating Systems
Learn the basics of the computer operating system; what it is and how it works.

How To Getting Started Tutorials | Microsoft Windows
Microsoft’s official how-to tutorials for the Windows line of OS.

Operating Systems for Dummies
Computer help from the well known “… for Dummies” instructional series.

Mac Basics | Apple
Apple’s official how-to tutorials for the Mac OS.

Macs for Dummies
Help for your Macintosh from the “… for Dummies” instructional series.

Internet Basics
Learn how to navigate a web browser, locate information, evaluate online sources and print web pages.

Internet Explorer Help | UC Berkeley
This tutorial presents the substance of the web searching workshops formerly offered by the UC Berkeley Library, but now suspended due to budget reductions. We use the term “Research-quality Web Searching” to reflect our belief that there is a lot of great material on the Web – primary sources, specialized directories and databases, statistical information, educational sites on many levels, policy, opinion of all kinds, and so much more – and tools for finding it are steadily improving.

Seniors’ Internet Help provides seniors with an easy to understand introduction to anything and everything Internet-related.

eMail 101
Email, or electronic mail, is a way to send messages to others with email using computer connections. Email can be sent world wide and can be a free service. Learn the basics of email, learn how to check and send email, to organize email, and protect yourself from unwanted email.

Types of Email:
Remote Server Email – using your own PC to connect to a remote computer, using a separate email software program. Web Email – sending messages electronically using the World Wide Web. Email stays on provider’s computer.

Comparison of Webmail Providers
General information on Webmail providers and products.

Email 101 | Goodwill Community Foundation
Are you new to email? Perhaps you are wondering just how people communicate online? This introductory course will teach you the basics about email, including understanding how email works, where you get email service from, and how you communicate properly and safely online.

Gmail Tutorial | Goodwill Community Foundation
Gmail is a popular, web-based email service provided by Google. Learn the basics of how to compose, send and respond to emails, in addition to exploring Gmail’s features for managing your email and accessing it from your mobile devices.

Google Apps Documentation & Tutorials
Online documentation and videos for a number of the Google apps including Gmail.

Yahoo Mail Tutorials
Yahoo help with Yahoo mail.

Office: Word Processing & Spreadsheets
Learn how to create simple documents, edit and format text, correct spelling, adjust margins, save, print and open files with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office Tutorials | Goodwill Community Foundation
Tutorials for Microsoft Office 2000-2013.

Google Spreadsheets | Goodwill Community Foundation
A tutorial on Google’s free online spreadsheet application.

List of Word Processors | Wikipedia
A list of word processing software.

List of Spreadsheet Software | Wikipedia
A list of spreadsheet software.


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