Read, Play, Grow!


At the beginning of each month, the library will release a kit containing five activities and supplies, that an adult can complete with a child ages 3 to 5 years.  Each activity focuses on a tenet of early literacy; talking, singing, reading, writing, or playing. The activities come with an explanation, directions, and suggestions for further exploration. This kit is one part of our Growing Readers initiative, find information about 1000 Books Before Kindergarten here.

Too many children are starting Kindergarten behind on the skills they need to thrive. In Ohio, on average, low-income learners have half the vocabulary and are up to two years behind their peers when entering kindergarten. Children who start kindergarten behind often stay behind throughout school.

Children that are introduced to reading early tend to begin to read earlier and excel in school and throughout life.  Encouraging early literacy at home does not have to be complicated and any parent can be their child’s first teacher.

By encouraging positive literacy experiences, engaging in play together, and making it a fun experience for the whole family we hope to help parents create an environment for early literacy success.

This photo contains an image of a Read, Play, Grow! early literacy kit.